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Danish Audio Group

Who are they?

Ansuz-, Aavik- and Børresen Acoustics were founded by Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen. These three brands share a common DNA and audio philosophy that has evolved from many years of collaboration. At the end of 2020, Audio Group Denmark was established acting as the umbrella company for all three brands.

History of the Danish Audio Group

As his father was one of the first high-end audio dealers in Denmark, Lars Kristensen encountered Hi-Fi at an early age and has been passionately dedicated to the world of Hi-Fi for most of his working life ever since. In the late 80’s when Lars was managing a high-end audio store in Aalborg, he met Michael Børresen who was a frequent guest there. At that time, Michael Børresen was studying to become an engineer. It was his love and passion for music that brought him to the store. Since his youth, Michael has had a strong desire to create and redesign things, and in that context, one of his favorites has always been to analyze individual audio components and seek ways to improve them significantly.

When Lars and Michael met by chance at a hotdog stand some years later, in 1998, a passionate conversation developed about Hi-Fi music and the completely untapped enormous acoustic potentials of audio components waiting to be unleashed. Thus, the idea of founding a company together was born. Lars and Michael’s determination to design and build audio equipment from scratch formed a strong foundation for future innovative and successful collaboration. Although the idea of starting a business together was born at that time, five years should pass, before they founded the speaker company Raidho in 2003, after Michael had designed a highly innovative and promising prototype of a ribbon planar tweeter.

When the financial crisis hit the world in 2008, Lars and Michael decided it would be better to sell off the company to a financial partner. Three years later, in 2011, Michael presented his groundbreaking ideas for audio cables and, although Lars had actually sworn at the time never to enter the cable business again, he was absolutely thrilled with the audio cables Michael had developed. Lars immediately saw the potential of these innovative and groundbreaking audio cables, and with that, Ansuz Acoustics was born.


Michael's extensive knowledge in the field of audio engineering combined with his pioneering spirit and passion for Hi-Fi equipment drove his innovative quest to create newly designed audio electronics. He soon began to immerse himself in the development of new amplifiers. Of course, it wasn’t long before the Aavik U-300 unity amplifier was launched in 2015 paving the way for the foundation of Aavik Acoustics.

With the desire to take on new challenges, Lars and Michael left Raidho in 2017. They decided to fully commit themselves to further advancing their own two brands, Ansuz-, and Aavik Acoustics. In 2018, they complemented their range of audio products by launching a new series of speakers and established another company by the name Børresen Acoustics for this new brand.

Since then, they have continued to further develop all three brands and have been expanding their range of audio products which now includes cables and resonance control devices, audio-electronics and loudspeakers. At the end of 2020, Audio Group Denmark was established acting as the umbrella company for all three brands, Ansuz-, Aavik- and Børresen Acoustics.

In May 2021, the founder, chief-designer and former owner of Gryphon, Flemming E. Rasmussen became the newest member of Audio Group Denmark’s design and development team. Flemming E. Rasmussen is a perfect fit for the company not only because of his constant drive and curiosity to delve into new areas of acoustics to create outstanding Hi-Fi equipment but also because of his untiring creative potential, and his 35 years of in-depth experience in the Hi-Fi industry. His mission is to pioneer into so far untapped areas of audio technology, design and innovation for Audio Group Denmark.

Philosophy & Purpose

At Audio Group Denmark, we bring people closer to the music by creating access to great, authentic, and emotional musical experiences. We believe that everybody deserves these kinds of moments.
We feel strongly committed to that wonderful and exciting passion for high-end music. This makes us persistently strive for the ultimate in pristine sound quality. It is this unadulterated musical experience that we want to share with all our customers and HIFI enthusiasts.

Our overriding goal has therefore always been to develop sophisticated Hi-Fi equipment which offers an unrivalled musical authenticity. To achieve this, it is imperative to take a hands-off approach and let the music unfold itself absolutely freely and unconstrained. We firmly believe that, in our quest to unlock the full acoustic potential of music, we have so far only begun to scratch the surface. Beneath that surface, there still lies a vast, yet unchartered area just waiting to be discovered for the benefit of outstanding

musical authenticity. We are convinced that natural curiosity and an open-minded willingness to break new ground, have always been the best approach for accomplishing this goal.

"I really enjoyed the solidity of stereo image on a number of tracks but the often thin sounding of All I Want from Joni Mitchell’s Blue really hit the spot, giving a much stronger sense of the musician being in the room than usual."

- Jason Kennedy - EAR

Ansuz X-TC Network Switch

The Home of Audio Group Denmark

As of 2019, Audio Group Denmark has its new headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark. This is also where we have located our production facilities, our research and development department, as well as our test laboratories and our business administration. The Aalborg location also allows us to tap into research and support facilities of university institutes located nearby.

We currently have almost 40 people on staff. As empowered individuals and self-directed teams, Audio Group Denmark encourages target-oriented teamwork and a drive for innovation. We build trust through integrity and open communication. Audio Group Denmark values diversity, respects competence and strongly supports the pioneering spirit among its staff to break new ground in both audio technology and audio production.

Audio Group Denmark has several audio showrooms on the company’s premises, where we are happy to present and demonstrate our products to customers, partners, and Hi-Fi enthusiasts from both the region and around the world.

Although Audio Group Denmark is based in Aalborg, we love to travel to meet with our customers and partners around the world, either by visiting them locally or meeting them at Hi-Fi fairs.


We design and handcraft everything by ourselves. Everything, from the loudspeakers’ driver units and the casting of the silver rings to the cables and the inside of our electronic devices is meticulously handcrafted and assembled in-house by our highly trained and skilled staff. The only thing we do not build ourselves are the cabinets for the electronic devices and the loudspeakers. We leave that to specialized cabinet manufacturers, with whom we work closely together to ensure that the quality is in line with our high manufacturing standards. To guarantee high quality and outstanding audio performance, we take great care to ensure that all our products undergo a thorough and meticulous testing before they are sold to our customers.

Handcrafting a Borresen Tweeter for casting...  

Brands that make up the Audio Group Denmark...

Borresen Loudspeakers

Børresen Acoustics offers two different speaker series: the 0-Series and the Z-Series. When we embarked on the endeavor to create the ultimate loudspeaker, we set ourselves some overriding goals: Reengineering the driver technology, optimizing the crossover, bringing inductance down to the absolute minimum, and providing the loudspeakers with the best mechanical grounding and resonance control.

All Børresen loudspeakers in both series share the same audio characteristics: An unprecedented musical authenticity, absolutely balanced and very natural in sound. The higher series offer even greater midrange clarity, a deeper bass response and an amazingly holistic, authentic soundstage.

From the impressive compact speakers to the top-of-the-line floor-standing models, all Børresen speakers are unique, in that they represent a quantum leap in speaker technology and incorporate fundamentally new and patented technologies.

The distinctive shape of the speakers combines acoustic intent with a distinctive Scandinavian design that blends beautifully with the décor of any home.


Aavik Electronics

We have recently introduced three new lines of Aavik electronics. The 180, 280 and 580 series, each consisting of an integrated amplifier, a DAC, a phono stage and a streamer. All of these components set new standards for the quality of high-end music reproduction.

Aavik draws upon an extensive knowledge base in the field of audio engineering. We equip our new Aavik series with a wide range of newly developed audio electronics, have tapped into the sonic properties of a new, natural-based composite material for the cabinets and have unlocked a new audio potential, inspired by the design and construction of traditional musical instruments.

With the launch of the three new series, Aavik also intends to better align high-end musical performance with individual listening preferences. By bringing down the noise floor, Aavik has further expanded the dynamic scale of music. Even the finest nuances of musical details are now projected onto a larger sound stage with an extremely quiet background. For the new Aavik series, we employ the noise-cancelling technologies from our sister company, Ansuz-acoustics. All series are equipped with Tesla coils, dither circuitry and anti-aerial resonance coils which secure an unconstrained signal flow.

The premium 580 series is Aavik’s most sophisticated reference segment. The Aavik 180 and 280 series are the junior series but share, to a very large extent, the DNA of the 580 series. All units are embedded in the same shape of cabinet. The inner chassis of the 580 series is made of solid copper. The effect is remarkably less induction in the signal path, giving the music more energy and power.

Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustic products provide the foundation that can greatly enhance the performance of any audio system. Our line of products consists of high-end cables, power distributors, streaming assessors and resonance controlling devices.

The key endeavor of this entire range of products has always been to effectively bring down the disturbing noise floor in any audio system without compromising the spectrum of natural tones or manipulating the authentic uniqueness of the dynamics, energy, or soundstage of the music.

This was the catalyst for Ansuz to embark on a completely new technological path using the untapped potential of various types of sophisticated coil and dither technologies to suppress the interfering noise disturbances through specific countermeasures.

Ansuz’s pioneering approach in noise cancellation and signal distribution does not only enhance the blackness and dynamics in the audio performance but also opens a gateway for the more subtle and refined elements of music to fully unfold.