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6 Key Benefits Of Networks Switches

For greater system performance

Remove unwanted noise from your system


Removes noise from your home router


Grounding circuitry to remove noise



Remove jitter through digital  digital signal


Reclock the digital signal


Innovative Ansuz Telsa coils


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Ansuz X·TC Network Switch

Product details

The Ansuz X·TC Power Switch Box is a sophisticated Ethernet switch. It provides a great power supply, best grounding, efficient shielding, and a mechanical design with excellent mechanical grounding through Darkz Feet (upgradable with Darkz and titanium balls). Additionally, the Ansuz Power Switch Box has an integrated Power Box to power the active Ethernet and Digital cables (D2, D-TC & D-TC Supreme).


  • 8 LAN ports
  • 10 Low voltage outlets
  • Very good grounding
  • Ansuz Active Square Tesla Coils (ASTC) technology
  • Ansuz Dither Circuitry (DC) technology
  • Designed with upgradable external resonance control – Darkz feet
  • Natural-based composite material
  • Steel chassis

Tesla Coil Technology

Ansuz Active Tesla Coil technology (A-TC)
This is an active noise suppressing element that rely on Mains spike noise cancellation. The way they work is to have a double inverted coil connected to the power conductors, when the A-TC dual coil encounters a voltage spike a counter spike is developed in the counter wound section of the A-TC coil. As Noise spikes are pure voltage and carries virtually no charge, the cancelation is quite good but not a 100%. By adding more A-TC coils in parallel the performance increases. And with that the perceived Blackness in the music improves significantly. The active version is about three to four times more efficient then Passive Tesla Coils.