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Acoustic Solid are based in Altdorf, just outside the city of Stuggart, and are a specialist German precision turntable manufacturer. For over 25 years they have created some of the world's finest turntables, and while they were exclusively available in Germany, it is with great excitement that they are now available worldwide. 

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For anyone that understand turntable design, you will know that precision is the key to making a true quality turntable. It is so important that that precision is not measured in mm but in microns (1000 microns in a 1mm!). It is that precision and dedication to perfection that has made Acoustic Solid one of the most sought after turntables, and for many the "holy grail" of analogue ownership. 

Hand Crafted In House

Truly Hand Crafted 

Acoustic Solid have allow only six members of their team to build or manufacture a part for any turntable they produce. This means that not only does each turntable, but each individual piece is made by experienced craftsmen. Acoustic Solid make every single piece of their turntable and tonearms in house, with the exception of the motor, which is obtained from a world leading motor manufacturer. Every other piece is hand created in their factory in Germany, and each piece is striking built to the highest of standards.  


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Everything, with the exception of the motor itself is hand crafted in Acoustic Solid's Factory in Germany. This desire to keep everything in house, in order to ensure precise quality also allows for customisation. You can choose from a range of colours, and styles to make the turntable truly your own. When you purchase an Acoustic Solid, you are buying something truly crafted by human hands. 

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