Wharfdale Evo 4.2 Speakers Review - Paul Rigby

Wharfdale Evo 4.2 Speakers Review - Paul Rigby

Excerpt from the review...

What was surprising was the mobility and emotion from the lead vocal and the lead electric guitar. Bass never dragged upon these two contrasting sounds. They were both lively and light on their feet. Again, cymbal taps provided finesse but the bass added weight to this instrument. You got the feeling that a heavy piece of metal was being hit here. 


In terms of physical bulk, the inherent design, that bass presence, the detail and authority, allied with a superb tonal balance and a sense of focused clarity, the EVO 4.2 speakers are wholly impressive. What I had to check twice here was the price point. For that price, the Wharfedale EVO 4.2 speaker’s offer incredible value for money.


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