Triangle Announce 40th Anniversary Speaker Range!

Triangle Announce 40th Anniversary Speaker Range!

In 1980, Renaud De Vergnette, passionate about art and music, developed in his modest workshop an innovative loudspeaker, the 1180. Bold new achievements, filled with technological innovations, slowly enabled TRIANGLE to really shine in the French high-fidelity sector.

40 years later, a limited “Anniversary” edition of two iconic models celebrates the history and know-how of TRIANGLE.

Entirely redesigned and improved, the mythical speakers Antal & Comète feature the latest acoustic innovations from the R&D department. Between legacy and perpetual quest for innovation, this 40th Anniversary Limited Edition embodies the philosophy of TRIANGLE.

For the past 40 years, TRIANGLE has been designing and assembling its prestigious speakers in our workshop in Soissons. The team of engineers is working closely with production, thus ensuring unparalleled manufacturing quality and compliance with very precise and detailed specifications.

TRIANGLE’s traditional craftsmanship is based on our employees’ long experience, some of whom have been with the company for more than 35 years. The different components are controlled and carefully assembled, to achieve the utmost finish and acoustic quality.

Each speaker is subject to strict acoustic controls. Measurements in an anechoic chamber and a numbered certificate of authenticity ensure the uniqueness of the loudspeakers produced in the factory.

The Antal and Comète speakers are two emblematic models of the brand, improved over the years through various innovations and research breakthroughs from TRIANGLE. They reflect the philosophy of the company: making sound accessible to the widest variety of customers possible through simple processes designed to foster emotion.

Horn-loaded tweeters and small pleat midrange drivers made out of cellulose paper are the key markers of this Anniversary range, the soul of these two speakers.

The 40th Anniversary Edition features high quality woodwork, with the technical characteristics of the brand’s emblematic products: Signature and Magellan.

High-density cabinet and optimized internal reinforcements offer this range a proven rigidity, without any perceptible coloration.

Two new shades of wood add undeniable elegance to this 40th Anniversary Edition. The various tints and wood grains of the Santos rosewood are enhanced by a glossy finish for a unique look with enchanting reflections. The blond Sycamore shade seduces by its elegance and serenity. Adorned with a single layer of mat varnish, the material and nature of the wood take center stage.

A subtle rose gold anodization of the speaker’s trim rings completes this limited edition.

A noble & unique product, reflecting the quality of TRIANGLE.

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