Titan Audio's new HS-3 Mains Cable - Reviewed

Titan Audio's new HS-3 Mains Cable - Reviewed

Titan Audio have just released their new range of Reference mains products, and we just received our first demo models and decided to spend a night with the new HS-3 Mains Cable and give you our first impressions of this new revolutionary cable. 

What is the HS-3? 

The HS-X3 is designed to be utilised as a Hybrid Cable which can be used in combination with source and high current equipment. This is ideal for all HiFi equipment.

The Live, Neutral and Ground wires all have an isolated, ultra low resistance 1.5mm/14G Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) cable with innovative three layer shielding for 3x the protection.

Three layers of protection, including a durable outer layer for protection, double woven metal sheath for superior shielding and an additional interwoven core, isolating internal wiring.

The HS-X3 is compatible with one of the newly innovated FFT Hybrid Signature modules at once which can be connected directly to the ground wires.

The Sound

What really impressed me was that I could hear a difference right out of the box. Our demo models come just as you would receive them so they need some run in time. I plugged in the HS-3 and went to make myself a coffee, thinking it will need some time, but to my surprise, I could hear a lot of things happening instantly. 

I listened to a few demo tracks I know really well including Sarah McLaughlin - Angel, Etta James - out of the Rain, London Grammer - Hey Now and Foy Vance - Guiding Light. I could instantly hear improvements in the mid range, so much more depth and character to the sound. Another noticeable difference was there was now a really punchiness to the sound, but not overwhelming or fatiguing, it was extremely controlled. I can only describe it that it sounded like someone had hit the system with a defibrillator and brought my system to life. I didn't realise it was dead but this just seemed to spark life into it like I have never heard before. 

I left it playing and went for my coffee and came back for a further listen once it had time to settle in. 

After a few hours I came back, and sat down with the same tracks. The difference was even more improved, I noticed this amazing effect to the high frequencies. There was more detail than previously but there was no harshness, it somehow created more detail but kept it relaxed enough that it was enjoyable and not "overblown" like you often hear. There are a lot of cables out there that throw information at you and its impressive for 15 - 30 mins but then its fatiguing. The HS-3 however controlled this and created this fantastic realism that made it feel very authentic and true to the music. 

The more I listened the more I realised this wasn't just an improvement to the detail but actually a massive lowering of the noise floor. It allowed the music to come alive and that lowering of the noise floor created a real 3 dimensionality. When I closed my eyes, I could pin point where the singer was, where the piano player was, the distance they were apart etc... With my eyes closed I could feel the artist in the room. 

The bass was much tighter, punchy and solid. It certainly added weight and strength to the sound. Creatively it brought a new dimension to the sound. The soundstage reached out way beyond the speakers, it felt like it was growing every minute I listened. The more the cable ran in, the better and better it got. 

What was meant to be a quick listen to get a feel for the cables turned into a 4 hour listening session, because I just kept listening to more and more music and the Titan Cable just kept on amazing me with what it was doing. 

Ill be honest, I sat down knowing this cable would make a difference, bearing in mind I use Titan Audio's Nemesis Mains Cables (£1,500) I thought it would be minimal. Titan Audio had told me these were better than Nemesis, I didn't think that was possible. Boy was I wrong! I thought they would be slightly better, but this was next level better! This was like someone had put a rocket up my system and sent it to a new level I didn't think a simple mains cable could do. 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say something, and this is not something I would normally state, but this might be the best mains cable I have ever heard at this price range, and to be honest even beyond! I don't think you would hear a competitive alternative below £3,000! Never have I heard a cable make this big a difference in my system, and that is a big statement as I have had some seriously good cables in the past.

This is something special though! This is next level improvement and for £1,250 I can tell you for sure you won't get as big an improvement anywhere else. 

What is even more exciting is there is a new version of the FFT Hybrid module coming out for these cables which doesn't require a power supply and that is going to be amazing to hear. 

It makes me wonder what on earth must the HS-6 & HS-9 sound like if this is what the baby version of the range can do.

All I can say is do yourself a favour and have a listen to the HS-3. You only think your system is sounding good, let the HS-3 show you how wrong you were!

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Thanks for the review. I also run a TA Nemesis on a Sean Jacob’s DC4 Power Supply feeding the analogue side of a Naim ND555 via Chord Company Burndy’s. I find it difficult to understand how the HS-3 can possibly improve upon an OCC Silver conductor cable?? The clarity and detail is outstanding. Do you have the magical new cables available for demo?

David Lewis

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