Titan Audio adds to their trophy room...

Titan Audio adds to their trophy room...

Northern Ireland's Titan Audio is not short of good reviews and awards, in fact, they have never received less than 5 stars in any review, which shows exactly the kind of quality you can expect from this illustrious British brand. 

In true Titan Audio fashion, they have gone and done it again, grabbing another award, this time from HiFi Pig on their uber special Styx mains block, Styx, Tyco & Helios Mains Cable. It probably comes as no surprise that this line up has received another award, given their previous history, however, this new review from HiFi pig gives a unique insight into using the cables with different elements in the system. 

This gives a really interesting overview of how the cables work with different equipment in your system, and the set up was all advised by Titan Audio, so its a very interesting read. 

So with that being said, you can check it all out by clicking here


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