Silent Pound arrives at Kronos AV!

Silent Pound arrives at Kronos AV!

Silent Pound has just arrived at Kronos AV, bringing with them a new era of loudspeaker technology. These revolutionary speakers are designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality in any environment.

What makes Silent Pound speakers stand out?

One of the key features of Silent Pound speakers is their Open Baffle Design. A patent pending technique is utilised featuring an Open Baffle Bass Unit with an enclosed Midrange and Tweeter, something never seen before in the industry. This innovative design allows for a more natural and immersive sound experience, creating a lifelike audio environment that traditional speakers can't match.

This design allows for an incredible advancement in audio, as these loudspeakers, in essence will work in any room or environment. Reflections or issues in the room have no effect on these speakers. Another key aspect is the bass control of the speakers, as again room characteristics has no effect on this due to their open baffle design. Effectively these speakers have room correction, but not in a digital sense, this is credited by unique design and therefore means they do not reprocess or create a perfected digital reproduction, but simply reproduces the original with exceptional clarity and detail.  

The full science and explanation of this can be seen here:

Why choose Silent Pound speakers?

The chassis is constructed from solid steel. Silent Pound speakers are built to last. Their durable construction ensures that they can withstand the most challenging of listening environments, delivering consistent performance year after year.

The crossover is concealed in the base of the speaker and is beautifully covered with a special tempered glass allowing the inner workings of the crossover to be on full display.

The rear terminals are recessed into the chassis which offers a sleek, compact design allowing for better set up options as cables and extruding rear terminals are not effecting your ability to position the speakers. 

Customisation options

One of the most exciting aspects of Silent Pound speakers is the ability to customise them to your liking. They can be made in any colour you desire, allowing you to match them to your existing decor or make a bold statement with a pop of colour.

Experience the future of audio technology with Silent Pound speakers at Kronos AV. Whether you're a music enthusiast, audiophile, or simply appreciate high-quality sound, these speakers are sure to impress with their unmatched performance and versatility.

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