Rose above the rest - NEW RS250A

Rose above the rest - NEW RS250A

Rose above the competition.

Since its introduction in mid-2021 the RS250 network streamer from HiFi Rose has found a happy home in many audio systems around the world thanks to its compact footprint, excellent sound quality and superior user interface. From December 2022, Henley Audio are happy to announce that the Korean company are updating their popular “mid-level” product with new hardware and a new finish option.  

The RS250A is a high-performance network streamer, DAC, and pre-amplifier with an output stage optimised for true audiophile performance. Thanks to the coveted Rose OS operating system, intuitive touch-screen control and its extensive list of features, the RS250A opens up a wide world of high-quality digital music. 

The RS250A (£2349.00 SRP) takes the original RS250 design but replaces the digital section and output stage, including upgrading to the ES9028 PRO DAC chip, for a higher level of performance. In addition to the hardware changes, the RS250A is also now available in black finish thanks to huge customer demand. Both silver and black finish will be available across the UK, offering customers a choice that suits their system.  

The RS250A is designed to bring together a whole world of digital audio and present it intuitively and enjoyably for auditory and visual pleasure. 

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