Pro-Jects New HQ

Pro-Jects New HQ



Pro-Ject have recently unveiled their new HQ... and simply put, it is stunning! The architecture alone is something which will make a lot of jaws drop, and then you go inside and its full of even more surprises! 


Alongside their new HQ, Pro-Ject has also decided to update their corporate design, by introducing their new logo, which we have to say, looks pretty good! 


 On the outside Pro-Ject has really pushed the boat out, creating a stunning exterior which includes a meeting area, plenty of greenery and even room to fit in a concert stage!











Moving inside, it doesn't lose any of its sensational design. There are a number of rooms, which includes a listening room, which includes a pretty impressive range of vinyl along the wall, which I am sure holds a gold mine of tracks!  Pro-Ject have taken the opportunity to showcase their stunning range of products, including their uber-popular turntable range, alongside their growing & hugely impressive box design range. (which are really worth checking out if you haven't done so already!)



Also on display are some of the more, "Special" turntables, from one-offs to Artist collaborations. 




All in all, it is one impressive building, and we wish Heinz and the whole Pro-Ject team the best of luck with their new HQ! Here's some more pics: 
























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