Pro-Ject cleans up the competition with new RCM models

Pro-Ject cleans up the competition with new RCM models

VC-S3 and VC-E2 power to the UK!

For the last 7 years Pro-Ject has been constantly tweaking and improving on their VC-S design and useability. From the ball-knob clamp of the original model, to the new, super-fast magnetic top plate of the new generation, Pro-Ject RCMs have come far. Alongside the new clamp the VC-S3 and VC-E2 boast resistant aluminium chassis, reconsidered port placement and fast, reliable motors; these all combine with the features you know and love from older version of the VC-S, such as large storage tanks, two poition vacuum arms and intuitive control switches, to product the most user friendly machine yet.

Pro-Ject’s RCM range is designed to motivate more and more people to buy both new and used records, expanding collections around the world. A good vacuum cleaner is a proven essential tool for not just record preservation, but also for maximum fidelity and enjoyment of your analogue music. 

Key Features:
  • New improved cabinet design utilising 5mm aluminium composite panels 
  • New magnetic clamps for quicker set-up 
  • New improved motors for fast and effective cleaning 
  • New self-adhesive arm strips for better interaction between the record and the vacuum arm 
  • New eco-friendly, pre-mixed and alcohol-free Wash it 2 cleaning fluid


Pro-Ject VC-S3: £499.00 & VC-E2: £349.00 (SRP) 

Pro-Ject VC-S3:

Pro-Ject VC-E2:

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