Origin Live Calypso / Illustrious combo wins big with EAR!

Origin Live Calypso / Illustrious combo wins big with EAR!

Have you ever sat in front of your system, closed your eyes and thought, it’s like they’re playing in the room? After sending a Calypso Turntable and Illustrious tonearm to Chris Beeching of the Ear Editor, this was the kind of experience he had sitting down with the combination. In a 5/5 review, Chris is ecstatic about the results, and the live feel of the performance: “Origin Live’s turntables are equally as adept at retrieving the huge impacts stored in an LP’s grooves as they are at capturing and presenting the micro details – the ones where you can imagine the smile on the singer’s lips, the violinist closing their eyes as they deftly stroke the strings”

Chris also rests upon the detail taken in its design and engineering – from the construction of parts to the setup instructions. Every part of the Calypso is considered to get your records as close as possible to that live performance that we strive for; after all, it is in the name: Origin Live:

There’s a lot of fine detail in the manual – such as not setting the feet tight against the underside of the chassis, but giving them a little space between. All these seemingly minor ‘tweaks’ eventually add up to a rather superb end result – sound quality.”


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