Moon announce price increase on 240i & Neo Ace

Moon announce price increase on 240i & Neo Ace

It's not something we ever like to announce, but unfortunately, Moon has announced a price increase on two of their best selling products, the 240i Integrated Amplifier & the Neo Ace All in One. 

The price increase will come into effect on 1st July, with prices being held on all orders made before this date. From 1st July the new pricing will be as follows:


 Model Current Price Price (1st July)
240i  £1,990.00 £2,300.00
Neo Ace  £2,850.00 £2,975.00


Both products will still be available in the same finishes (Black & 2 Tone) and will still carry Moon's exceptional 10-year warranty. All other products in the range are retaining their current pricing. 

If you would like to order you can do so at the links below, or if you have any questions, or require any advice, please get in touch with one of our team.

Product Links:

Moon 240i:

Moon Neo Ace:

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