Merason DAC 1 - HiFi News Highly Recommend Review

Merason DAC 1 - HiFi News Highly Recommend Review

Top dog in a range of just two outboard DACs from Swiss brand Merason, the DAC1 is a modern-day example of 'less is more' audiophile thinking. We lift the lid and investigate

In common with a lot of HFN readers, I have a bit of a 'thing' about overly complex digital devices. I'm not referring to input flexibility – many of us will have systems in which different flavours of digital connection are accommodated, from USB links from a computer to good old S/PDIF from a CD player or the like. No, what I really find obstructive is devices bristling with digital-domain options, from filters to dither to PLL bandwidth and the like, all of which often look like an exercise in 'because we can' – a facilities arms-race – rather than being of any real-world assistance to the user.

I've found myself railing against such over-provision, suggesting that buyers will be tempted to spend too much time fiddling, to the detriment of, well, you know, actually listening to the music

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