Kronos AV x NW200 with KMR Kawasaki

Kronos AV x NW200 with KMR Kawasaki

Exciting news for motorcycle racing fans! Kronos AV recently sponsored KMR Kawasaki at the International North West 200 Motorcycle Race, and the results were nothing short of impressive. The team managed to secure two 2nd place finishes, showcasing their skill and determination on the track. Having been placed under strict restrictions due to engine size, to fight for the win in both races was an incredible result!

What is the International North West 200?

The International North West 200 is one of the most prestigious motorcycle races in the world, attracting top riders and teams from around the globe. The event takes place on the roads of Northern Ireland, providing a challenging and thrilling backdrop for competitors and spectators alike.

Why we got involved?

As part of our business, we always like to support local sporting events and athletes. As motorcycling enthusiasts, we spoke to our good friend Ryan Farquhar (World's most successful Road Racer of all time) who now runs his own KMR Kawasaki Racing Team and offered our support for their campaign at the International North West 200. 

A week which was lavished in sunshine along the North Coast of Northern Ireland, the world renown scenery set the perfect backdrop for one of the worlds most prestigious sporting events, which carries many wonderful memories for Kronos AV Managing Director, David Campbell:

"I have been going to the NW200 since I was a child with my uncle, and have attended every year since. It's an amazing event and the North Coast holds a special place in my heart, so adding my passion to motorcycling makes it an event I look forward to every year. 

I have known Ryan [Farquhar] for over 20 years and having worked with him at the Sunflower Trophy Races, we decided to continue our support into the NW200. Ryan has the same passion and love for racing as we have for audio, and for that reason it made it a perfect match. 

We are all extremely proud to have been part of the event with Ryan and his team, and the results where nothing short of exceptional considering the restrictions. We cant wait for next year now!"

Impressive Results

With the support of Kronos AV, the KMR Kawasaki team put on a stellar performance at the North West 200. Their hard work and skill paid off with two 2nd place finishes, a testament to their talent and the support of their team and rider, multiple British Champion Richard Copper.

Congratulations to KMR Kawasaki on their success at the International North West 200 Motorcycle Race. We can't wait to see what the future holds and we look forward to working with you again in the near future!

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