We are very proud to announce we have been awarded: BEST NATIONWIDE AUDIO EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER 2023. 


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Family-owned businesses have a charm and dedication that sets them apart from their corporate counterparts. In the world of audio suppliers, one such family-owned company has risen above the rest. Kronos AV, with their 35 years of experience, has recently been awarded the prestigious title of Best Nationwide Audio Equipment Supplier 2023. This accolade is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and their ability to outshine even the biggest corporations and multinational stores.

At the heart of Kronos AV's success lies their unwavering dedication to providing the most exceptional audio solutions. Their team of experts meticulously curates a collection of cutting-edge products that redefine the boundaries of sound reproduction. From state-of-the-art speakers to high-fidelity amplifiers, Kronos AV offers a range of audio equipment that caters to the most discerning audiophiles.

What Makes Kronos AV Stand Out?

Their dedication to their craft and their customers is unparalleled. With each interaction, they strive to provide a personalized and luxurious experience. From the moment you step into their showroom, you are greeted by a team of knowledgeable and passionate audio enthusiasts who are eager to assist you in finding the perfect audio solution.

What truly sets Kronos AV apart is their attention to detail. They understand that audio is not just about sound, but also about creating an immersive experience. Their curated selection of high-end audio equipment ensures that every customer can find the perfect match for their unique needs and preferences.

The Power of Experience

With 35 years of experience under their belt, Kronos AV has honed their expertise to perfection. They have witnessed the evolution of audio technology and have adapted to the ever-changing landscape of the industry. This wealth of knowledge allows them to stay ahead of the curve and offer their customers the latest and greatest audio solutions.

Furthermore, their experience has allowed them to forge strong relationships with top audio manufacturers. This means that Kronos AV has access to exclusive products that you won't find anywhere else. 

The Artistry of Sound

Just as a painter skillfully blends colors on a canvas, Kronos AV crafts audio systems that transform sound into an art form. Their attention to detail and pursuit of perfection result in a harmonious symphony of sound. Each component is carefully selected to ensure a seamless integration, allowing you to experience music as the artist intended.

A Triumph Over Corporate Giants

Winning the title of Best Nationwide Audio Supplier 2023 is no small feat, especially when competing against corporate giants and multinational stores. However, Kronos AV's dedication to their craft and their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have propelled them to the top.

While corporations may have the advantage of scale and resources, Kronos AV has something that money can't buy: a genuine passion for what they do. This passion shines through in every aspect of their business, from the carefully curated product selection to the personalized customer service.


Kronos AV were selected as the winner of this award from over 1000’s of potential nominees and Managing Director, David Campbell feels this is an award that comes from years of experience and hard work from his team.

David had the following to say:

“We are very honoured to win an award such as this. Considering the number of companies out there supplying audio products in general, to be selected as the best supplier of audio nationwide is a huge achievement. Our company has grown considerably over the past few years, and that has come from the hard work of our dedicated team. Our work and service to customers both in store and online is something we take great pride in and it is fantastic to see this work being commemorated by this award.


As a dealer for high end / luxury products, it is incredible for our family owned and operated company to win such a prestigious award when you consider the size and resources that the multi national and corporate business have at their disposal.

I think this is a win for not only us as a company, but for the audiophile market as a whole, and the independent dealer.

We strongly believe that offering a truly special experience for customers and helping them achieve their music goals is what makes use stand out from the rest. That is why our return customer rate is so high, and our goal will always to bring the best possible audio experience to our customers within their budgets.”

This award follows on from Kronos AV’s 2 x time Independent Retailer Award’s and numerous features in luxury magazines and news outlets.

By choosing Kronos AV, customers are not only supporting a family-owned business but also becoming part of a community of audio enthusiasts who share the same passion.

With their rich history, personalized service, and exclusive product offerings, they are the epitome of luxury in the world of audio suppliers.

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Delighted to see the Kronos team recognised in this way. As a longstanding customer I know firsthand that David and his team provide top tier advice, quality products, outstanding support and customer service.

David Ralston

David and Gary have been wonderful guides on my hi fi journey. Totally professional with great expertise but also kind and generous

Robin Campbell

David and Gary have been wonderful guides on my hi fi journey. Totally professional with great expertise but also kind and generous

Robin Campbell

I have always found David and team very helpful, offering very reasonable trade in’s and support around delivery from the Sussex location. Titan cables as recommended by Kronos have been a revelation and the sheer volume of quality brands such as the Parasound JC5 which I own which is not widely available has meant I could buy a top end amplifier at a realistic price. Well Earnt.

Dan Broomfield

Having been a client of David Campbell’s since his early days in Hi fi and, throughout the years, always aware of his superb interest in both customer and service I am delighted that his, and his family’s, dedication and professionalism has at last been recognised with this highest of UK wide honours. Such an accolade is, perhaps, long overdue. Hearty congratulations.

Colin Keenan

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