Get Richie's thoughts on PMC joining Kronos AV!

Get Richie's thoughts on PMC joining Kronos AV!

PMC Loudspeakers are a new edition to the Kronos AV stable. There are a huge number of reasons why we have recently taken on this range.

When we began are discussions with PMC about doing the brand, there was several reason why I wanted to bring them to Kronos AV. One of the key things which I appreciated about PMC was the fact they are still made in the UK, by craftsmen. Despite their enormous growth, PMC have not decided to move production out of the UK, but have continued to put emphasis on the quality of their product.

PMC of course do not need me to praise them, as they are one of the worlds most respected and highly regarded loudspeakers. You just have to look at their list of awards and the number of artists, composers and movies that are using their products to see just how good they are.

PMC say that they have a passion for bringing engineering and emotion together which is probably an excellent description of their loudspeakers.

One thing which we are very keen on here at Kronos AV is having products which sound REAL! For us that is what music should be like, it should be a sense that the artist is truly in the room with you, and your system should produce a sound that is as close to the real thing as possible.

Many loudspeakers tend to artificial try and re create this, but for us that is not what it is about. Thats why PMC was a brand we wanted to work with. They work with the artists in the studio, and that means they know exactly what it should sound like, and therefore, you as the end user is getting a true representation of what the artist intended you to hear.

The range we are concentrating on are the Twenty 5 series which comprise of two bookshelf models, three floor standing models, a centre speaker and a powered subwoofer.  Ranging in price from £2395 right up to just under £10,000 they cover a decent price range and come in a number of real wood finishes including oak, walnut, white silk and gloss black.

Since 1991 PMC (or Professional Monitor Company) have pretty much monopolised the Worlds, music and movie composing, as well as recording, mixing and mastering. What better way then, say PMC than replaying music and movies than by using the same loudspeakers, than the ones used to make them.

Paul Bayliss, Sales Executive of PMC states “Off-the-shelf drivers, cabinets, and crossovers are commonplace in today's mass-produced world, but our reference monitors demand innovative, non-standard attention to detail to produce the low-distortion, high-resolution designs which have made our reputation. That's why our cabinets are hand-built, the design of our drivers is unique to us, and our underlying technologies are patented, proprietary designs.” Thats refreshing when you look at many of their competitors.

At the heart of PMC design is their ATL technology.  ATL is short for Advanced Transmission Line bass loading technology. This places the bass drive unit at the end of a long highly damped tunnel which absorbs all the unwanted mid and high frequency that is radiated from the rear of the driver and greatly enhances bass performance.

ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) | The Listening Post Christchurch &  Wellington


PMC Twenty 5 models have also had stunning reviews not only in the UK but all over the World. Hi Fi + awarded them their Floorstanding Loudspeakers of the Year in 2021. They also won EAR Best of 2021 and Editors Choice to name just a few.

We are expecting great things from PMC and feel that they will be a very popular edition to our speaker ranges offering customers a very respected UK manufacturer coupled with their unique transmission line technology.

There is a great video below which showcases this truly hand built UK loudspeaker

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