CD Ripping Now Available in Roon OS

CD Ripping Now Available in Roon OS

Starting with Roon OS Build 175, CD ripping support is included! Just attach a USB CD drive to Nucleus to load your discs. All CDs are ripped to FLAC, and Roon OS will automatically transfer successful rips to connected storage.

This is a major addition to the Roon software, making it more convenient than ever to add your historical music library to its class-leading storage system and organisational interface. With CD ripping, it’s effortlessly simple to add your entire CD library to Roon, just with the purchase of a low-cost external CD/DVD drive.

How to get the update

  1. Open the Nucleus Web Administration Interface
  2. Under Operating System choose Reinstall
  3. The latest available firmware will be reinstalled on your Nucleus

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