Aavik announce the SD-880 Streaming/DAC

Aavik announce the SD-880 Streaming/DAC


A revolutionizing streaming DAC unit with unprecedented musical authenticity and aesthetic proficiency

Aavik is excited to announce the launch the Aavik SD-880, the newest member of the flagship 880 series, our first ever streaming DAC. A further result of the unique collaboration of Michael Børresen's outstanding audio engineering skills and Flemming Erik Rasmussen's exceptional artistic design capabilities. The Aavik SD-880 creates unprecedented authentic and lifelike music experiences. Rooted in Aavik’s persistently strive for the ultimate in authentic musical reproduction and the commitment to perfection, the Aavik SD-880 is designed to eliminate the intrusive "digital signature" of music, limit the level of unwanted noise, enhance the signal's information flow, and improve resonance control. As a result, the Aavik SD-880 offers listeners streaming music a unique and totally immersive musical experience.


What makes the Aavik SD-880 so exceptional is a brand new and revolutionary in-house developed and manufactured Non-switching Continuum Processing DAC, in combination with Aavik’s most advanced streamer technology, noise reduction technologies, and a pioneering enclosure design. The Aavik SD-880 stands as a testament to what is achievable in the realm of lifelike musical reproduction, devoid of the notorious "digital signature" that often plagues digital music sources.

“In our quest to unlock the full acoustic potential of music, we have discovered that the primary cause of this contaminating "digital signature" is the common switching process inherent in traditional DAC circuitries” - Michael Børresen

Michael Børresen and his team of audio engineers have developed an innovative and very effective technological approach to eliminate this problem: The groundbreaking Aavik Non-Switching Continuum Processing DAC. This solution is based on a method where the digital signal is up sampled to an astonishing 22 MHz and seamlessly converted to an analog signal, maintaining an uninterrupted continuum of signals without the need to resort to switching arrays. This conversion results in a wealth of signal information that unleashes an extraordinary musical performance - one that transcends boundaries and captivates the senses. Aavik managed to unlock the positive acoustic synergies between the innovative Non-switching Continuum Processing DAC and the new Aavik Streamer. Equipped with all the premium material and electronic components that distinguish the 880 flagship series, the Aavik SD-880 is packed with exceptional sound properties. The result is nothing less than a revelation of digital audio excellence. With its unmatched and authentic musical performance, the Aavik SD-880 is not only a symbol of the zenith of hi-fi ingenuity, but also an aesthetic masterpiece that visually enhances any hi-fi system with its aesthetic and elegant design.

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