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I COULD NOT FIND THE SPEAKER OF MY DREAMS, SO I DECIDED TO BUILD IT MYSELF. I founded Audiovector in 1979, at that time under the name of F3/LYD. At that time I had been in this business for 8 years, selling different brands of speakers. I was frustrated by the fact that some of the speakers I had sold, were able to reproduce some aspects of musical reproduction perfectly, but not all. Others were perfect at other aspects. There is one vital aspect which has remained entirely constant over my 40 years with loudspeaker development: The rigorous process of listening, listening, listening. To describe Audiovector's speakers in figures and statistics merely proves that they are world-class. But to actually listen is proof that it takes more than great technology to create something truly special. Ole Klifoth,Partner and Chief engineer, Audiovector

Audiovector SR3 Arrete Discreet Raw Surface Limited Edition Floorstanders - 100 Pairs
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Limited to 100 sequentially numbered pairs worldwide, the Audiovector SR 3 Arreté RAW Surface Limited Edition uses a brand new cabinet technology to stabilize and stiffen the cabinet in order to create the perfect foundation for our advanced Audiovector drivers. 

With a waxed concrete surface and contrasting 24-carat gold-plated details, the look of the new SR 3 Arreté Raw Surface Limited Edition can be defined as exclusive and very special. Just like the technical features and beautiful sound of it. Using the SR 6 version 2.0 Air Motion Tweeter, which has a lighter, faster membrane adds extra detail, size and soundstage. The cabling comes from the R 11 Arreté and damping has been further improved by using materials and techniques from the SR 6 Avantgarde Arreté. A new optimised cross-over knits it all to-gether to a truly coherent, detailed and more punchy entity. The concrete coating is handmade and gives each speaker a unique and personal expression keeping in line with the special Scandinavian design traditions. See the impressing film where skilled craftsmen create the stunning finish with a waxed concrete surface


Imagine being able to play music in high-end quality without having to rely on any other form of electronics, other than your actual source. Imagine simply using your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, server, CD player or laptop – whichever source is at hand. That is total freedom combined with exceptional sound quality.
The Audiovector SR-series are available in either the traditional passive versions or with our easy to use Audiovector Discreet Technology built-in from the start. An easy upgrade from passive to Active Discreet is also available. The choice is, as always, completely yours.

You can either stream wirelessly to the Discreet versions of Audiovector’s speakers, or you can connect other sources directly to the DISCREET hub. 
As if that wasn’t enough, you can even connect your turntable via the built-in
analogue to digital converter. Wireless streaming can be utilised either through the latest hi-end Bluetooth technology or via Airplay through an external Airport Express.
Our newly developed ADAC-technology (Audiovector Discreet Active Concept) represents our most advanced digital technology offering yet. No distortion, no jitter, no noise. Our Discreet amplifiers will be available for a wide range of Audiovector speakers – either built-in from the start or as an upgrade to your existing Audiovector speakers. 
This high-end audio solution requires nothing but a phone, tablet or a laptop, but your turntable and other sources can also be connected easily. And, of course, a pair of Audiovector Discreet speakers.
Audiovector SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté Discreet is shown on the opposite page.



One pair of speakers, one small black box! This is all you need to be able to connect your favourite source and enjoy music reproduced at its finest quality. That is all.


You can connect any source - CD, turntable, streamer, Sonos, TV, a subwoofer, your phone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi (via a small router).


We could explain for hours and hours about the complicated technology behind this, the simplest solution of all. The brightest engineers, the latest technology, total freedom of thought, creative inventions and a true environ- mentally friendly consumption, lie behind the ADC concept.


Audiovector’s excellent acoustics of the passive speakers is the basis of the system. We have simply applied the ADC technology to our famous speaker models in order to mimic a passive system, using amplification costing in ex- cess of 15.000 Euro.

* NASA derived superfast chips with the ability to process and up-sample everything to 24 bit/ 192 kHz before it is transmitted to the speakers.
* Tefloncoated and cryogenically treated cables.
* Pulse modulation amplifiers with a damping factor well in excess of 1000.
* A total distortion which is app 30 dB lower than normal high end amplifiers

The Arreté models are to Audiovector what AMG is to Mercedes, RS to Audi and M to BMW: Highly specialized and tuned versions of a great product.

Arreté is an old Greek symbol, which means: Being able to perform everything to the highest standards. 

Based on the award winning SR 3 series the perfect compact audiophile speaker we have spent many years developing. Patented in-house drivers made in Denmark by Scan-Speak, handcrafted Air Motion Transformers made with extreme precision and state of the art cabinet quality, makes these models potent performers.


“The easiest way to view these loudspeakers is to think of them as the Kobe beef edition of the SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté.”
Alan Sircom, hifi+ [uk]

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