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Creating something is a wonderful feeling. To witness the numerous pieces of electronic and mechanical parts being hand crafted to form a complete working device is delightful. Every single component receives exacting attention and is the perfect element to provide you with an unrivalled musical experience.From the hand soldering of the circuit boards to the fine adjustments of the volume knob, we ensure every process and incorporate only the highest quality components to make a Heed amplifier the best in class. Rigorous quality control provides the highest possible standard and reliability of our devices. Every single device meets our strict performance regulations but similar to twins, we know that each and every one produced is unique to you.

Heed Audio Dactilius MKIII DAC
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In designing the Heed Dactilus, our aim was to create a D-to-A converter device which makes any digital source – CD players, DAB tuners, etc. – more enjoyable to listen to in musical terms. Used with higher ranking digital components it still holds its own against many on-board DACs with its strikingly different approach – a less analytical and processed presentation of music which conveys the musical message in a very fluid, natural, rhythmically engaging fashion. Even the primal Dactilus 1 with our first-ever DAC circuitry, the Dactil 1.0 module was capable of doing all that: “…it’s seldom anything other than an enjoyable one to listen to and we’re happy to recommend it…” as leading UK Magazine Hi-Fi Choice found it in their 2009 review.

The present generation Dactilus 3, equipped with our Dactil 1.2 DAC module, is capable of 24bit/192 kHz high resolution signal processing while extending upon the virtues of the earlier model, injecting extra transparency, information retrieval and dynamic capability. The features list is modest: optical (Toslink) and electrical (Coax SPDIF) digital inputs (selected using a rear-mounted switch) or an asynchronous, 24bit/192 kHz capable USB input into a single unbalanced output.

At the heart of the Dactilus 3 lies our Dactil 1.2 DAC module, which is based on a highly integrated Wolfson D/A chip. It handles all sources up to 24bit/192 kHz high resolution signals and, in spite of its striking minimalism, is capable of achieving astonishingly good performance.

In order to avoid undesirable electro-magnetic interference within the chassis, the Dactilus has no on-board power supply, employing an external PSU. This can be upgraded with our Q-PSU for maximum performance.

– S/PDIF, optical and USB 2.0 inputs

– upgradeable DAC and USB card system

– buffered analogue output

– separated, upgradeable power supply

USB driver

Inputs: 1x S/PDIF RCA / 1x TOSLINK / 1x USB
Outputs: 1x line out
Frequency response: 3 Hz –
Output level: 2.5 V
SNR: > 97 dB
Upgrade card options: 1 DAC 1.3 / 1 USB 2.0
Supported sampling frequencies: 44.1 / 48 / 88.1 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz (all inputs)
Power supply options: X-PSU 30 (standard) / Q-PSU / Obelisk PX / Thesis Pi
Dimensions (W x H x D):

9.5 x 7.5 x 22 cm

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