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Are you an old school audio lover looking for some modern flair? Well, according to WhatHifi's 5 star review, the new Wharfedale Linton's may just be the thing for you. With a classic and familiar feel, the 80th anniversary Linton's are designed to blast out some classic Rolling Stones, while maintaining a rich and pure quality sound that better suits modern musicians. With a new enlarged cabinet size, the Linton's are able to produce effortless and effective bass, thanks to upgraded and larger bass drivers. Pairing this with an interior designed scatter panel resonance, Wharfedale seem to have put in the...

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It came as no surprise to us, that these two amplifiers were selected in What HiFi's top 7 amps! Both amplifiers live far and beyond expectation at their respective price points, and it goes to show what is possible, without going into the "Serious Stuff"  Moon has always been pushing that boundary, and with a huge success rate throughout their entire range, its hard to pick a favorite,  however, the 240i is arguably one of the standout products. At a reasonable price of £1,990 (given its specs) the Moon 240i is no doubt somewhat of a bargain!  The 240i boosts all...

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