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In 1980, Renaud De Vergnette, passionate about art and music, developed in his modest workshop an innovative loudspeaker, the 1180. Bold new achievements, filled with technological innovations, slowly enabled TRIANGLE to really shine in the French high-fidelity sector. 40 years later, a limited “Anniversary” edition of two iconic models celebrates the history and know-how of TRIANGLE. Entirely redesigned and improved, the mythical speakers Antal & Comète feature the latest acoustic innovations from the R&D department. Between legacy and perpetual quest for innovation, this 40th Anniversary Limited Edition embodies the philosophy of TRIANGLE. For the past 40 years, TRIANGLE has been...

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We had a set of Opera Prima Speakers in store, so we decided to take a sit down and really have a good listen and let you know our thoughts on them.  We coupled them with the Unison Research Preludio Valve Integrated Amplifier, Unison Research Unico CD Player, AudioQuest Aspen Speaker Cable, Atacama Speaker Stands, and Titan Audio Elektra Mains Cable (into the amplifier) with the Titan Audio Styx Mains Block.  The Opera Prima speakers are everything you would expect from an Italian manufacturer. The craftsmanship is simply stunning with a real emphasis on detail. The cabinets, in this case, finished...

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