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Austrian based Pro-Ject Audio Systems launched their new Juke Box E all in one turntable system and it has caused quite a stir. The Juke Box E is an all in one solution, offering a turntable, built in pre and power amplifier, Bluetooth receiver and phono stage. Simply add speakers (and some cable) and you are all set to sit back and relax to the sound of your favorite records.  One question that always underlies any product is a simple one: "Is it any good?" Well rather than me telling you, why not give the review a read and see what you think......

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Ortofon's MC Windfeld Ti receives HiFi News recommended badge, find out why here...

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The Titan Audio Styx Mains block has made a huge impact on the industry, particularly after receiving an absolutely brilliant review in this months HiFi World Magazine, with the Styx block receiving 5 globes. Reviewer, Jon Miles, had nothing to say against the product, concluding that it was something of a bargain at £150.    But what do we think? Well much of the same really… The Styx despite being at the entry level for specialist mains blocks has many of the features of much more expensive offerings. Firstly it is hard wired not bus bared which means that you...

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