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Pro-Ject and Rega have arguably been dominating the turntable market at the £500-£600 price point, but now Thorens have thrown a spanner in the works. The Thorens TD-203 is their entry into this competitive class, and it certainly is creating a stir!   The Pro-Ject Xpression Carbon UKX & Rega Planar 3 have been dominant in this category, and for good reason, both are specced very well, and most importantly sound good too!   Pro-Ject Xpression UKX: Product Link: Click Here The Pro-Ject Xpression UKX, although is the most expensive in this class, offers a gloss plinth in a range of exciting colors, a...

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25 Years, Anniversary, Audio, hifi london, hifi n.ireland, hifi ni, hifi sussex, hifi west sussex, kronosav, Store News -

The Importance  of the Specialist Hi Fi Store       In the modern World more and more products are being bought on line. There are many reasons, price, convenience, 24 hour availability are a few. Its no wonder then that on line sales account for the majority of money spent and they are still growing year on year.        Whats the point of shops then ? They can be more expensive, only have certain opening hours and you have to travel to them which can be expensive so surely there is no reason people should still go...

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25 Years, Anniversary, Audio, HiFi, hifi london, hifi ni, hifi west sussex, Store News -

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Kronos, and what a journey it has been! Many things have changed throughout the years, however, one thing never changed, and that's our love of High-End Audio.    Many of our customers will remember when we first opened in a small store in Dungannon, and now in 2017 we are so proud to say we have a recently updated larger store in N.Ireland, a new store in West Sussex, and a huge online presence as one of the UK's best online HiFi and Home Cinema Specialists. Over the past 25 years, Kronos AV has...

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