Kronos Audio Visual staff attended the 2015 High Emd Hi-Fi Show in Munich. This influencial Show continues to grow and excites enthuiasts with numerous World launches. The venue is probably the best in the World for a Hi Fi Show and the Munich Show rates as the most important in the calander with some of the best Hi-Fi products you will ever see and more importantly hear.

2015 saw an even bigger event than previous years with four halls on the ground floor housing 244 separate demonstration areas and three levels on the upper floors with 139 demonstration rooms. There were close to 1000 brands on display with at least ten thousand products. It is simply not possible to see everything in the two days we were there but here are some of the highlights.

Hall1. Densen launched a new entry level DAC called the Dino. It looked really cool. UK brand Leema, who have re-emerged after some problems, showed their full product range. Opera, now eith a new UK distributor showed some attractive speakers, Well Tempered showed a turntable with an arm that was at least 15 inches long. Be Yamamura showed off some huge horn speakers, with yet another company Yamamura /Crawley.

Hall 2. Clearaudio had their full turntable range on show but also had an amazing MV Agusta customised motorcycle on their stand. UK stand manufactures Atacama and Custom Design had plenty of products on display. Other Uk manufacturers includes Funk Firm, Townshend Audio, Meridian and Edwards Audio. Dr Feickert turntables included hand painted models and Usher had a huge reference speaker on display.

Hall 3. There were plenty ok UK brands on show in this hall including Audio Origami tonearms, Atlas cables, Creek Audio, Epos, Cyrus, Harbeth, Palmer Audio and ATC. Other interesting brands included Taga with a stunning Valve amplifier with build in DAC and bluetooth and a reference speaker. Lars and Ivan had some portable headphone amps and a Class A valve headphone amp which sounded great. Pro-Ject whose range grows bigger every year had some stunning new turntables, many in Carbon Fibre.

Hall 4. There were a host of record and CD stalls in this hall along with Tidal Music ( the new high quality streaming service) and HD tracks ( High Res downloads). There was a lot of great Hi Fi including a new CD player the Genesis from YBA and UK brands Tellurium Q cables, Soundsmith cartridges and Quadraspire stands were also on display.

Atrium 3.1 This was the smallest of the upstairs halls and on display were the incredible Transrotor turntables, Dan D’Agostino showed his new integrated amp, Micromega showed a new wall mounted all in one system like the Devialet, UK brands Goldring, JA Michell, Meridian, SME and Modern British Audio Company were all flying the flag.

Atrium 4.1. A much bigger hall this housed some serious high end speakers including Tidal who had a pair of £170,000 speakers which did to be fair sound amazing. Also Estalon had a pair of reference speakers at well over £200,000, Magico had their new speakers and there was plenty of serious electronics also including Levinson, Musical Fidelity, Pathos, Gryphon Audio and Devialet. Advance Acoustic showed their new reference integrated and mono blocks.

Atrium 4.2. The top floor of the show is really hot so it is better to get there before it gets too busy. There were some interesting products here including some fine looking tonearms and turntables these included Klimo, Air Force One and Tri Planner. High End digital was from dCS, ReQuest Audio, TotalDAC and Metronome to name but a few. High end cable companies included Audioquest and Crystal cable. High end speakers included Martins, Wilson Audio, Tannoy and Gauder while VTL, Vitus and Einstein audio High end electronics were on demonstration. UK representation included EAR, AVID and ISOL 8.

The above is merely a brief overview of the 2015 show but hopefully gives you an idea of what the event is like in terms of size and range of equipment on display.


The biggest speaker at the show was definitely this horn speak from Real Horns


There were some interesting tonearms at the event.


The Arrow tonearm from Primary Control was a great looking design


Munich 2015 was as busy as ever


The new Reference speaker from Magico



Tidal Loudspeakers looked and sounded superb.



Tidal Reference speakers were probably our favourite sound at the show.



Kef’s new Blade two speakers looked great in blue



Static display of some of the Kef range



Interesting looking amplifier but it was only on display


Sometimes inside looks even better than the outside


Wall of cables from Audioquest

m13 m14

New Nighthawks


Nice Rack


Top of the range turntable from Transrotor. Love the off/on switch

m17 m18 m19



Be Yamamura’s new horn speakers


Longest tonearm we have ever seen from Well Tempered



This MV Agusta got some serious attention on the Clearaudio stand


m23 m24

Bel Canto


m25 m26

High End



Server Amazing stand


m28 m29 m30

Amazing speakers



Interesting Speakers


Did we mention the show was busy


Jay Z wasn’t in attandance but the stand was still busy


New high end phono stage from YBA coming later this year


Inside of high end YBA phono stage

m36 m37 m38 m39

New CD Player


There were a lot of record cleaning machines

m41 m42

Nice little bluetooth speaker


Tiny little active speakers


Serious turntable/arm from Klimo


Looks a bit like an AVID but it is a Klimo turntable


New Revolution range from Tannoy

m47 m48 m49

Paradigm speakers looked and sounded good

m50 m51 m52

Bluetooth speaker from Devialet


The Devialet room as usual looked stunning


New amps from Advance Acoustic

m55 m56

Amazing Hi Fi rack


Record Clamps from Oyaide


Clamp and mat from Oyaide


More record cleaners


There were plenty of high end cartridges

m61 m62

Really nice looking speaker

m63 m64

Tiny headphone amps from Lars and Ivan

m65 m66 m67 m68

Bigger Class A headphone amp from Lars and Ivan




Now Pro-Ject have a record cleaning machine


Carbon and gold turntable from Pro-Ject


New RP5 tuntable in three colours from Pro-Ject


We suspect for display only


Yet more carbon turntables from Pro-Ject


This is not a Tivoli radio but a seven foot high stand


New bluetooth amp from Taga with built in DAC

m78 m79

Range of ceiling speakers


Hybrid amp from Taga coming later this year


New high stand speaker

m82 m83

Bluetooth speaker from Taga with coloured grills


Rolls Royce Phantom

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